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About Us

Stemming from its origins way back in 1970, the Brisbane 4wd Club has grown to become one of Australia’s premier organisations for people who love four wheel driving, camping and the great outdoors.


Encompassing a wide array of vehicle types, our trips range from light-hearted socials and easy touring, right through to medium, difficult and beyond.


These outings can be trips of a single day, a weekend or multi-week treks across the Simpson or the Cape.


Regular events are held where new members can learn safe driving and recovery techniques and more experienced drivers can hone their skills.


On most of the driving trips, we will run two drives concurrently. One will be an easier drive for people with less experience and the other will be a harder drive for those who want a challenge.


Our social calendar is always full of exciting outings to anything from wine and cheese tours to trips to the V8 Supercars, so no matter what your pleasure, you will certainly find something to interest you.


Kids are an important part of our club and will very often join in the friendly banter and play practical jokes on the “Big Kids”. Of course, the big kids will then retaliate and we are often in stitches watching Mums and Dads relive their childhood as they reconnect with their children without the distractions of the Internet or Snap Chat.


So come along, learn, share and enjoy the love of “getting out there”.


Join the adventure!