Established in 1970. we are a diverse club full of characters with various 4 wheel drives, caravan and camping setups to match, and yes glampers included.

Our trips range from light-hearted socials like sitting around the fire and easy touring, right through to difficult tracks. These outings can be trips of a single day, a weekend or multi-week treks. Recent trips have seen us venture across the Simpson Desert, Caper York and Victorian High Country.

There is no pressure ever to do more than you are comfortable with.

Kids are an important part of our club and will very often join in the friendly banter and play practical jokes on the “Big Kids”. Of course, the big kids will then retaliate and we are often in stitches watching Mums and Dads relive their childhood as they reconnect with their children without the distractions of technology.






  • Abide to RULES and REGULATIONS for vehicle modifications. (Rules and Regulations may change from state to state)
  • Keep to constructed vehicle tracks. Do not drive “off road”
  • Keep the environment clean.
  • Obey restrictions on use of public lands.
  • Respect National Parks and other conservation areas.
  • Obtain permission be for entering PRIVATE property.
  • Respect the Farmers, Livestock and Wildlife and also leave gates how you found them.
  • Respect other recreational groups.
  • Take note of all fire restrictions and abide to the rules they may have in place, always extinguish your fire before leaving.
  • When able and equipped with the right tool always try to help (Emergency, Search and Rescues, Recoveries and other situations).


  • Ensure you have the adequate supplies for your adventure (Water, Fuel, Food and other needed items).
  • When 4WD, Touring and in Remote Areas always try to have a second vehicle (anything can happen).
  • When unsure of the track it is always a good idea to walk it (check Depths of water, pot holes and try and pick a good line be for driving).
  • When in a Convoys try keep in communication via 2 Way Radios.
  • Always make sure to have a fully stocked FIRST AID KIT and a  FIRE EXTINGUISHER be for commencing your adventure.