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About Us

Stemming from its origins way back in 1970, the Brisbane 4wd Club has grown to become one of Australia’s premier organisations for people who love four wheel driving, camping and the great outdoors.


Encompassing a wide array of vehicle types, our trips range from light-hearted socials and easy touring, right through to medium, difficult and beyond.


These outings can be trips of a single day, a weekend or multi-week treks across the Simpson or the Cape.


Regular events are held where new members can learn safe driving and recovery techniques and more experienced drivers can hone their skills.


On most of the driving trips, we will run two drives concurrently. One will be an easier drive for people with less experience and the other will be a harder drive for those who want a challenge.


Our social calendar is always full of exciting outings to anything from wine and cheese tours to trips to the V8 Supercars, so no matter what your pleasure, you will certainly find something to interest you.


Kids are an important part of our club and will very often join in the friendly banter and play practical jokes on the “Big Kids”. Of course, the big kids will then retaliate and we are often in stitches watching Mums and Dads relive their childhood as they reconnect with their children without the distractions of the Internet or Snap Chat.


So come along, learn, share and enjoy the love of “getting out there”.


Join the adventure!



Code of Ethics


  • Keep to the laws and regulations for 4WD vehicles. (They may change from state to state)
  • Keep to constructed vehicle tracks. Do not drive “off road”
  • Keep the environment clean.
  • Carry your own - and maybe other peoples - rubbish home.
  • Obey restrictions on use of public lands.
  • Respect National Parks and other conservation areas.
  • Obtain permission before driving on private land.
  • Leave livestock alone and gates as found.
  • Keep your vehicle mechanically sound.
  • Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares on trips.
  • In remote areas travel with another vehicle.
  • Respect our wildlife.
  • Stop and look, but never disturb or chase the animals.
  • Respect other recreationalists right to peace and solitude in the bush.
  • Obey all fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don’t let your exhaust emit sparks.
  • Help in bushfires, emergencies and search and rescue if you are properly equipped and able.
  • Join a 4WD club and support 4WD touring as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity.

This Code Is Valuable Only If You Observe It!


History of the Club


On the 9th June 1970 a group of Land Rover Owners and enthusiasts met at Annand & Thompson's premises at Newstead to form the Land Rover Owners Club of Australia, Brisbane Branch.


In May 1972, the name of the Club was changed by constitutional amendment to The Brisbane Land Rover an All four Wheel Drive Club to enable owners of all makes of four wheel drive vehicles to be eligible for membership.


In December 1976, the club name was changed to Brisbane Four Wheel Drive Club and in February 1977, an entirely new constitution was adopted.


From humble beginnings of twenty-eight members, the club has grown as high as two hundred members and currently averages around seventy members per year. Over the years almost every conceivable make and model of four-wheel drive vehicle has taken part on club trips.


In October 1986, the club became an incorporated body thus a new constitution was adopted. The name was the changed and still remains. "The Brisbane Four Wheel Drive Club Inc." In September 1997, in an effort to upgrade the club's image to that of the family orientated, camping and four wheel drive club, members adopted a new logo.


In September 2009, the Club amended its Constitution to bring it into line with the latest version of the Incorporations Act and as a result amended its By-laws as well. In 2010 the Club was proud to celebrate 40 years of existence. Congratulations to all past and present members on this magnificent achievement.


The Management Committee wish all its members, new and old, safe and happy four wheel driving experiences in the future.