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Choppa Chomps Up Cape York 2021

Posted By Chris Morahan  

The Cape Trip for Team Choppa was a little different to the rest of the crew, as we were up there early for another event and only spent 3 full days with the rest of the crew. Those three days were, however, quite eventful!


Having joined the B4WDC crew at Daintree, 10 of us headed off to tackle the infamous Creb Track. This was truly the most challenging 4wding and most nerve-wracking track I have been on. Having lost 2 vehicles at the first steep uphill stretch, Choppa took the lead, with little idea of what to expect. What followed was 4 hours and 20 kms of steep, wet, red dirt and mud. At one point, on Big Red, the cruiser was sliding backwards and sideways at a 45% angle on a 30% slope, just getting caught on a lip of a rollover.

After some puckering, installation of Maxtrax and liberal use of the right boot, we got straightened up and headed up the track again. The trax were then reset to allow the rest of the crew to get past that point, with poor old Jimmy left to walk a couple of hundred metres up the slippery track carrying the trax once everyone was through. At the end of the track, everyone was a bit shaky, but excited by what we had managed to get through.


Two days later, the remaining 8 vehicles headed to the Frenchman’s Track, and once again, everyone was excited. After travelling along the track and pausing at the Canyon, we dropped down a steep rocky decline to the Pascoe River. At this point, there was a lot of discussion walking the river and shaking of heads. Not to be deterred however, Choppa dove in, nearly taking out Mike in the middle of the river, then emerging out the other side, only to get caught on the muddy, rocky climb on the other side. Having seen the Cruiser go through, with the water up over the bonnet, half the crew bailed and turned back to take the long way around. Unperturbed, Stew, Rob and Mike made their way across and took on the challenge.


Check out the video on Facebook of Mike floating, halfway across the Pascoe and Jimmy pushing his car around like a bath toy. In the end, only four intrepid adventurers out of the 10 made it through these two iconic tracks, and I believe that Choppa was the only one to make it across the Old Coach Rd as well! As I said during the discussion about crossing the Pascoe, “We’re not here to f -bleep Spiders!!"