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Fraser Island Clean Up Extended Trip 2021

Posted By Ruth Morahan  

Fraser Island Clean Up Extended Trip  

On Monday, by the time we packed up, there was only Tags (Terry) left at the camp site. Tegan and Tyler were off to the tip for the day. Choppa and his owners Mr and Mrs Choppa was all packed and ready to undertake the great shake down adventure living out the back of the car, (insert music here...)

First stop was the western side of the island where we camped at beautiful Bowarraddy creek beach camping. On one side was a beautiful large tidal creek and the other side the western ocean where we had the privilege of the sun setting over the water.

The cross-island trip was amazing, again passing beach flora through to rainforest, scrubby bush and then out to the ocean. One can never tire of that view driving onto the beach.


We set up the Darche awning, swags and stretchers and sat down and enjoyed the sunset over the ocean. Poured rain during the night but we were very snug and dry.


Tuesday, we packed up and off to the next location, the cape. Across the island we went back to eastern side and up the beach we went. The big test for Choppa was Ngkala Rocks. Due to the huge amount of rain, the track was surprisingly well packed, Choppa went through with the greatest of ease. A few Wongaries spotted along the way.

As we came around the top end of the cape, we ran into Terry, Tegan and Tyler, fishing - Terry being the gentleman he is, baiting Tegan’s hook whilst Tyler was catching fish.

Onto the campsite, and again setup with the greatest of ease. Tuesday was my birthday and for this particular year, was significant for me, with my lovely bottle of red given to me by my daughter and son in law, I was taking my birthday drink standing in the ocean hoping not to be attacked by a Wongari or attacked by a shark. Had roast chook cooked in our little buddy oven and tried it out for roast veggies, awesome dinner and wine and more rain.


Tuesday night, the tide was a tad high but we were quite safe and no disk of floating away. Three Wongaries around and really did not seem to be scared of us humans.

Onto Wednesday we headed back down the beach to Waddy Point.

We ended up in the secured campground where it was “safe”, dropped all our gear off and headed down the beach to do some fishing and lunch.

Was concerning to watch the dingo stalk this family with little children, quite surprised to see how the behaviour of these beautiful creatures has changed,


Wednesday night was the eclipse of the moon, how amazing it was to watch without the impact of city lights. And again pack up the camp and off to the end of the island.

So going back, I mentioned about not getting attacked by dingoes or sharks. The sand monitors were so tame, banging and stomping on the ground did not even make them flinch. So I bent down and clapped really loud to try and shoo the thing away, and the bloody thing ran at me. The table went flying, I screamed and hid behind the tree, Chris laughed at me.

Sadly, we were reaching our last night. Thursday I got to drive and Chris decided to do a pub crawl down the island. We stopped at Orchard, Cathedral, Happy Valley and then Eurong. We ended up at the very bottom of the island in camp zone 1, we couldn’t find the site we did book at. I drove the car down and went into the campsite with the idea of keeping us a bit up the near the fence compline. Chris thought we’d be better on the sand with the awning facing out directly to southwest to capture the beautiful sunset.

Tide was quite low, we set up camp enjoyed the sunset, the wine and dinner. Very quickly the tide started coming back in,

At one point just on dusk, Chris seemed a bit concerned and acknowledged my idea of being up a bit higher, but we worked out low tide was 2pm, so high tide would be about 8/ 8.30ish .

Well the tide just kept coming in and came a bit higher than what was shown here. I sat in my chair from where I sat at happy hour, waited for the tide and then fished from the comfort of my chair. Caught two Bream.

If anyone hasn’t seen the Facebook video of Chris’ take on the tide, it’s worth it for the laugh.  

Friday morning, back on the barge to Brisbane, stopped by home and then went to Induction.