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Fraser Island Clean Up 2021

Posted By James Marshall  

Fraser Island Clean Up

Friday rockup

Early Friday morning I was on the road, eating a Maccas breaky, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, and wondering what I had forgotten to pack this time. We all descended upon Inskip Point, full of anticipation of the long weekend of beach bashing ahead. We dropped the tyres, engaged 4WD and proceeded up the east coast of Fraser for a pleasant drive, with a technical stop at Eurong bakery. The weather and beach conditions were great and by early afternoon we pulled into our camp for the weekend. Dundubara is a great campsite; fully fenced with lots of space, flushing toilets, hot showers and its location behind the secondary dunes gives good shelter from the strong onshore winds which prevail on Fraser Island. For the duration of the weekend the occasional raincloud floated in from sea and rained down on us, sending campers scurrying for shelter and filling gazebos to the point of collapse. Fortunately, the rain always passed on quickly and hardened up the tracks for us.



Saturday cruise

Saturday on Fraser was a big, full day of touring. Our convoy was out of the gate before lunch for a big day of sightseeing which took us via Central Station, Lake McKenzie returning by the scenic route, meandering through the inland tracks of the island. The tracks were in great condition, packed firm after recent rain and didn’t present any difficulty. We all had fun splashing through numerous large puddles and enjoying the beautiful scenery all along our route. Terry got stuck, Mario picked up a stick, Chris’ dash fell off and we all got great pleasure out of their misfortune. Well, after dark we found our way back to camp and swapped stories around the fire over a few tinnies.

Sunday cleanup

Sunday the Brisbane 4WD Club all rolled up their sleeves for the clean up day. Club members were out in force combing the beaches, dunes, tracks and trails for rubbish, that unfortunate by-product of human activity. Lots of plastics were found washed up all along the beaches. The quantity of microplastics took me by surprise, this nasty stuff floats around in the ocean slowly wearing down into smaller and smaller pieces to eventually wash up in pristine areas such as Fraser Island or it is eaten by some poor, misfortunate marine creature or seabird, resulting in a slow and painful death. Glass bottles and tin cans were collected in vast quantities all along the tracks and trails of the island where they had been thrown from passing vehicles.

Our club members put in a solid effort cleaning up as much of this human debris as we could and all those involved should feel proud to be part of the solution to our ever growing waste problem. Saturday night all the QLD 4WD clubs involved got together for a shindig at Cathedrals to celebrate. Participants in the clean-up were rewarded for their hard work with food, drinks, live music, jumping castle for the kids and our club members had lots of luck in the raffle.





Monday bail

Early Monday morning the more adventurous and foolhardy of us got up before dawn to catch the sunrise from the top of the sandblow behind our campsite. Our efforts were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and some great photos. With clear consciences and good memories, we packed up our sandy, wet gear and hit the beach. The drive south down the beach was a pleasure which took us past the wreck of the Maheno and the crystalline Eli Creek. It was a great weekend and I’m sure all involved enjoyed the trip thoroughly... now I just need to get all this sand out of my car!