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Navigation Run 2021

Posted By Ruth Allnutt  

Nav Run by Ruth Allnutt

What a glorious day it was. We all met at 8.00am at CJ’s Bakery at Woodford with 11 cars in total. Coffees in hand and ready to start a fun filled morning of driving. We headed out with our notes in hand, excited for the challenge Sean had set us all. Each car left 5 minutes apart.



The questions were there at every turn and you had to have your wits about you and your eyes open wide so as not to miss any. They were interesting, from taking pictures to scouring the roads, houses, views, buildings and walking through a cemetery.

Questions were clever and well written with the route planned out extremely well. We had some hilarious shinanigans from Joey and Wombat. (no surprise there).

Joey hijacked the keys to our car on the side of the road and locked us all in the cemetery. We ended up doing the leg in the forest which in itself is extremely challenging. Now I have to say, when you have me to navigate you are very lucky that you do not end up in Cairns.

We found fellow travellers Brenda and Barb who were also lost. They followed us, we followed them and we just got more lost.

But wait there is more, we met up with quite a few other cars and we were all lost trying to work out where to turn.

Eventually we all got on to the right track and returned to our end meeting point. We declared that if we were in an apocalypse none of us would have made it out alive.

Once back at our end point, Sean had set up some more exciting games for bonus points which would add to our scores.


The end result was a tie in first place with Nick/Tonya and Kelly/Redford.

Thank you Sean and Heidi for all your hard work in organising a fun and interesting day. We look forward to the next one