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Club Induction - May 2021

Posted By Peta Cleeland  

Club Induction 

Friday, 28th May - was the day everyone arrived and set up camp. It was absolutely freezing so everyone enjoyed the big fire and a good old chin wag.

Saturday, 29th May - In the morning all of the inductees gathered, along with Gareth, Lance and Paul to introduce ourselves and our experience levels. We discussed general safety, a reminder of how the convoy operates, and a run-through of what tasks the inductees had to carry out. We were all asked to air down our tyres to 20psi or what we thought would be best for our vehicles to drive the rocky terrain we were about to drive on.


Once everyone gathered for the inductees' first convoy, we set off to a hill with 2 tracks side by side so that we could get through the inductions a bit faster. First up was a snatch recovery, with the first doing the recovery returning to the base of the hill to then be recovered.


The second was a "hill stall". The manual vehicles were to stall on the hill, and whilst rolling in reverse clutch start their vehicle. The auto vehicles were asked to drive up the hill, put the vehicle into low range reverse and take all feet off the pedals to simulate a hill clutch start, and then safely brake to a stop and restart the drive to the top of the hill.

Everyone completed their induction under the guidance of Gareth, Lance, and Paul who were more than happy to answer questions and put minds at ease (mostly mine ;)  that we were doing what was requested correctly.

In the afternoon, we all went for a drive according to our skill levels and had an absolute blast. We returned to camp and enjoyed dinner and drinks around the warm fire, recounting tales from our day and plenty more laughs.

Sunday, 30th May - In the morning we all went on drives again according to our skill levels. Gareth and Lance both led groups on tracks that were both challenging and fun. I was in the group with Lance at the lead. My husband Dave drove as he is experienced and it was challenging tracks that I didn't feel confident to drive. We watched winch recoveries or were the ones being recovered, saw some amazing views, and overall thoroughly enjoyed our time on the tracks.


In the afternoon we all returned to camp to pack up and head home. I think I can safely say we all had an absolutely amazing time, if not a little frozen, and we are all looking forward to our next trips with the club.