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The Cape 2021

Posted By Stewart Dargan  

Stews Best Bits

The tracks were awesome doing the CREB, Pascoe River was just huge.
Wenlock was beautiful.
OTT was just awesome with challenge after challenge after challenge.
Beautiful at Fruit Bat and Elliot falls.
It was a massive trip and hard on the cars.
I believe we did the OTT at a pretty hard level.
Great moment when the Blues won, when we were at Daintree.



Funny Moments

Mike Elliot “when are we going into the alcohol free zone?”, 2 days after we were in it.
Best on ground, Jimmy for his help on the CREB and Frenchman’s, just awesome!
Great trip great people.
I’m a bit over rough camping, lol.



Wet interior, had to strip out entirely. Done
Rear main engine seal is leaking. To be fixed
Left back quarter panel scrape and dent. In getting fixed now.
Numerous electrical contacts needed cleaning.
New starter motor fitted.
Lost 2 shackles and a uhf whip on the PDR.
Fog light full of water.


Had a ball.