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Trophy Day 2021

Posted By Robbie Kerr  

Trophy Day 

Is there an award for choosing the first REALLY COLD morning of the year for Trophy Day?  If so, I win!  A number of us turned up early to set up the Marquee, butter the scones, etc. without warm clothing or warm beverages.  We had to either keep very active or huddle close to stay warm. 

The annual points tally for club participation and attendance came up with a good cluster of close candidates for most of the awards, and we received a good number of nominations for the awards that are not determined by the annual points tally.

Thanks to Heidi Power and Sean Power who took photos of the presentations.


Club boys              This year’s club boy is Cooper Marment.  Cooper has attended meetings, gone on trips, written articles, and ridden shotgun with some of the more adventurous drivers in the club.  We suspect he is a future leader in the club. 

                              Levi Czernia is club boy runner up.  Levi attended a decent number of club trips over the last year, and seems to have enjoyed every minute.  Judging by the gene pool he has come from, he is not gonna be tall, but let’s hope the off-road adventures have not impaired his brain development. 

Club girls              This year’s club girl was a close contest, with both club girl and club girl runner up participating a quite a number of trips. One of them got her nose across the line with an article (well a drawing really) about the Somerset weekend.  Congratulations to club girl Abby Costello and close runner-up Alyssa Marment.

Editor’s Award    This year’s editor, Heidi Power nominated Ron Farmer for Editor’s Award.  Heidi said that Ron did a mountain of work to help with bringing together the Club Book that was given out at the 50th party at Neurum Creek.  The book is a great keepsake, and reminder of what has been, including Danny having a thick head of hair.  Ron was presented with an engraved Editor’s Award pen and a club 50th birthday commemorative mug.

President’s Award             Each year the President has the option to give a President’s Award.  This year, Danny decided to give the award to Sam Moorhouse, a new member who has really put his shoulder into supporting the club with photography, videography, supporting others on the tracks, and helping out big time with the 4wd show.  Thanks for your energy and support Sam Moorhouse.  Sam’s award is a man sized engraved insulated stainless coffee beaker.

Club women        The face of this year’s club woman seems to have been popping up everywhere over the last year, always with a smile.  Her face also appeared regularly during Duncan’s 50th celebrations at Gordon Country while she was leading a convoy.  It takes a lotta u-turns to make that happen.  Kelley Dunk has worked behind the scenes to support club members who are having wound related issues, and played a role in saving one digit in particular.  The Sargeant at Arms can tell you about that.  The work that Kelley has put into running and leading social events and her consistent attendance at other events put Kelley out in front of the points tally.

               Club woman runner up has been spotted tagging along behind the club woman at social events, and insisting on attending skill building activities at four wheel drive parks.  Congratulations me (Robyn Kerr) who was running neck-a-neck in the points tally, but just got her nose out in front of the third person.

Club men

The 2021 Club Man has attended many club trips and social events, and has also been running trips including inductions this year.  He came to the progressive dinner dressed up as Freddie Mercury.  That outfit was both impressive and strangely alluring. Club Man 2021 is Gareth Costello.  Might have worn out that Patrol though, is it time to see the LDV on the tracks?

Daryl O’Rafferty is club man runner up for 2021 and was just pipped at the post.  Daryl has done a mountain of work over the last year, and did the heavy lifting to get the 50th celebrations organised.  Daryl also attended quite a number of events, and ran a few others.  Thanks Daryl!

Encouragement Award

Mario Czornyj and Ruth Allnut are this year’s recipients of the Encouragement Award.  While they were volunteering at the 4x4 show, they freely gave their story about what the club means to them to people who wanted to know more about the club.  They also unwittingly let the President know about the value they see in the club in the process.  At that moment, I think the President had an “aha!” about this award.

Legends Award

This year’s legend has got our attention by attempting water hazards that the rest of us wouldn’t contemplate.  The first one that I know of was at Mt Nebo, and advertised on Facebook.  The second was in front of a crowd at the Pig Pen at The Springs.  He even stopped our convoy and got out to inspect the bog hole, the inspection was followed by fist pumping then cabin flooding after parking his Hilux about 10m into the bog hole.

As Nikki Marsden put it “he sees water and his brain disengages”.  This year’s legend is Joey Marsden who has also achieved the Submariner’s Award. 

Goodwill Awards

This year’s Goodwill Awards go to two club members who just keep pitching in to help.  Shane Rose took time out from his busy schedule to help out the Sydenhams who had set off on a lap, and came a cropper at Broken Hill with a fried transmission.  Thanks for your efforts, and your general consistent contribution to the Club. 

Mohammad Jowkar has also received the Goodwill Award this year.  Mohammad quietly and proactively steps in to provide assistance to the club and it’s members, generously donating his resources and time.  Thanks Mohammad.

Recovery of the Year         There was quite a number of nominations for recovery of the year.  Two of the candidates got stuck in the same wash out at The Springs.  One of them was stuck there for way longer than the other with a large audience watching on.  This year’s recovery of the year involved Grizz’s Patrol – got to look at the belly of that car for quite a while.  TAGS managed to flash his belly, and continue on through.  Grizz could not quite replicate the maneuver.  This year’s Recovery of the Year Award is a man sized engraved insulated stainless coffee beaker.

Just Another Foolish Stunt               On their induction day at The Springs, Matt Williams and Caitlin Wood were about 10 mins into their first club drive in their BT50 (which is also Matt’s work car) when they found some hard object that caused their front diff and CV to fail.  They were recovered by being towed backwards to a spot that could be reached by a tow truck.  We are glad you have decided to stick with it!

Wobbly Boot Award          Around the campfire at his 50th, Duncan Marsden got a little sentimental (and drunk).  He thought that people should get to know each other better, so he insisted on people answering a set of questions (something like your day job, age and where you grew up).  After about the third person answered, Duncan was looking tired.  About half way around the circle, Duncan was snoring.  When his turn came back around, he had gone to bed.

Annual Rude Rod               Andrew Eadie set off following TAGS on a night run at his induction trip at Janowen Hills.  Andrew ended up remodeling the front end and a quarter panel of his Colorado Ute.  There seems to be a theme emerging involving TAGS!

Jolly Jaffle            At Somerset weekend, Mike Elliott thought he would impress Felicity and others by hunting and gathering a range of specialty South African ingredients to make a traditional bread over the fire.  Carefully prepared and lovingly placed in the fire, then forgotten.  The ball of charcoal was impressive indeed, but not in the way that Mike had planned.

Sargeant at Arms Awards for Most Fines     Duncan Marsden attracted most fines by the Sarge this year. Sarge was ably assisted by the golden snitch aka Nikki Marsden. Well done

Robbie Kerr is apparently the woman who attracted the most fines this year.  I’m not sure why, I thought I was good?  Might performed strongly at the end of the year.  Might have something to do with the damage I have done to the Pathfinder recently.  Something to do with hard things making contact with the underbody.  I did invest in some bash plates, but not quickly enough.  A lower control arm and it’s chassis joint suffered badly.

Long service - 10 years of membership         Brett, Molly, Tegan and Kacey Lonergan have been members of the club for 10 years. Congratulations! Brett and Molly have set off on a lap, currently travelling up north and last seen on Facebook at Notch Point just south of Mackay.  Tegan has kindly included their 10 year badges and pins in a care package that is being sent to them.  Thanks to all you Lonergans for your contributions to the club.