Fraser Island Clean Up 2023

31st May 2023
By Danny Power
The 2023 Fraser Island Clean Up was another huge success with over 5.5 tonnes of rubbish collected.

Finally home at 830. But made it safely and that’s all that matters.

What glorious weather we had this year. It really made up for the past 3-4 years.

rusty boat

The view inside the SS Maheno Wreck. Photo: Rachael

We made it to camp early afternoon Friday and set up. Happy hour, fire etc.

Day Drives - Lake Mackenzie and Sandy Cape

Saturday two groups. 1 to Lake Mackenzie and the other to the Sandy Cape at the top of the Island.

I was in the Sandy Cape team. The last time I was up here with this weather was when we all parked on the sandbar and Charles got bogged.

On the return we sat at Ngkala rock for over 3 hours waiting for three broken Toyotas to be recovered through them. Fairly inconsiderate of them as they consistently blocked each track.

All I can say “not capable enough “ hey Ruth

Unfortunately due to this we missed the sausage sizzle lunch at Orchid beach that the Driftwood bar was putting on for the clean up teams.

We did stop and have a beer and ice cream. Trish had an embarrassing moment as we all sang happy birthday to her.

We rolled into camp that night in the dark. At least we made our destination. The other group fell short. Reasons will become evident at the next meeting. Dinner fire briefings bed.

Clean Up Day

group shot

730 on the beach and up to the clean up point. Approx 16 kms of beach and as we had an amazing awesome team we also did the both inland tracks 7km each way. So nearly or maybe just over 30kms cleaned up. Unfortunately the tracks still produce a lot of rubbish and that can never be attributed to wash in. Just grubby snot bots and their total arrogance. This produced a recovery exercise with CHOPP4 directly involved in the recovery efforts. Well done Chris.

Even Choppa struggled with the trailer through the soft entrance to Orchid bypass track.


A badly injured turtle on the beach. Photo: Stephanie 

We picked up the rest of the team and rubbish bags, then down to the skip bin to find it deserted. So much for the 1pm closing time and cleaning for 6 hours. We emptied over 30 full bags as we consolidated the half’s and estimated around 250kg (about 9kg per bag) and one very heavy black thing (approx 120-150kg) see photos.

Back to camp, rehydrate, shower and down to dinner. Handed back all the clean up stuff ( yes not one item came back with me¿). Quick catch up with other club members more rehydrating dinner and then back to the club fire at Dundubara.


Sunday we returned home. Stopping at the Pinnacles, Rusty Boat, freezing creek, and Eurong for a pie. Then down to Hook Point but not without dramas ( again details at the meeting) but we all made it safely to the mainland and Brisbane. So an good result all round.

Thanks to John and Daniel for running the Saturday drives. ( more details at meeting)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the cleanup, you did an awesome and amazing job. The wash in was lower but everyone was picking up rubbish even on the way home.

Thinking next year I might stay a little longer. ¿


Bruce on a quiet ferry home. Photo. Bruce

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