Brisbane 4WD Club is one of Australia's premier organisations for four-wheel driving, camping and the great outdoors. Ready to get out on the tracks with us? Joining is easy! Just select your membership below.

Remember, all new members will need to have their vehicles inspected before they can participate on trips. Not sure what gear you need? Have a look at our vehicle requirements.



We have memberships to suit all needs. Check out the table below for some more information. All prices below include the yearly 4WD Association levy of $30. There is also a one-off $20 joining fee.

Single Membership:

$70 per year + one off $20 joining fee 

Our Single Membership is perfect if you're going to be a solo driver attending our events. This membership covers one adult. You'll be able to participate as a driver, and will also be able to vote on club matters and even run for the Committee if you wish! 

Family Membership:

$80 per year + one off $20 joining fee 

Our Family Membership is perfect for adventurous families or couples, where two adults would like to participate as drivers. These memberships cover up to two adults (over 18 years) as well as any children. Both adults will be able to drive, vote and run for the Committee if they wish.

Social Membership:

$45 per year + one off $20 joining fee 

If you're more of a camper than an offroader, or you just want to hang out with some awesome people now and then, our Social Membership may be right for you. Each Social Membership gives one adult access to all of the club's social trips. (Social trips are trips that are rated "Easy" or where there is no drive at all.) Social members are not allowed to drive on trips rated higher than "easy", vote in club matters, or run for the Committee. But they are allowed to have fun!



Got a question? We cover most of the common questions below. But if you still have questions, please feel free to email our Membership Officer.

I'm ready to join! How do I do it?

Joining is easy! Just scroll down to the "Register" section on this page, select your membership, and then fill in the form!

How do I pay for my membership?

The easiest way to pay is online, when you go through the registration process. This means that your membership can be approved almost immediately, and you can get started on your journey with us! If you'd prefer not to pay online, you can pay by direct deposit with the following details:

BSB: 124013

Account: 10377798

Please use your name as reference. You can also pay in cash at our General Meetings.

What do I need to do before I can participate on a trip?

Great question! Once you join, you'll need to get your vehicle (or vehicles) inspected to ensure that they meet our vehicle requirements. Once you've got the green light from our Club Inspection Officers, you'll need to register for one of our Induction Trips. These trips are an opportunity for us to take you through how we run trips, how we do recoveries, and how to manage your vehicle while offroad. Even if you've done plenty of 4wding before, you'll need to come along. It's also a great opportunity to meet other members, both old and new.

Can I attend a trip as a visitor to see if I like the club before joining?

We currently don't offer visitor trips. This is because all drivers on trips need to have had their vehicle inspected, and completed an induction. The best way to get a feel for the club and its members is to come along to one of our General Meetings, which are held on the second Thursday of every month, at 7:30pm, at Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Kedron.

Do memberships just include one vehicle?

No! Memberships are per-driver, not per-vehicle. If you have multiple vehicles, you are more than welcome to bring them all. Just remember that each of them will need to be inspected first.

Is there a limit to the number of trips I can attend?

No, the only limit is your time and spirit for adventure! (Remember, if you're on a Social Membership, you can only attend our social events).

What types of trips do you run?

We run a whole range of trips, from day trips to spots near Brisbane, to weekends, to multi-week treks. You'll often find us at The Springs 4x4 Park for a weekend of camping and wheeling, or headed out on mini-tours to destinations like Northern NSW, the Scenic Rim, or Connondale. A few times a year we do larger trips to places like Cape York, Simpson Desert or Vic High Country. Trips range widely, from social camping trips, all the way to hard or extreme 4WD trips, so there's something for everyone!

Do I need 4WD experience to join the club?

No! The club welcomes all levels of experience, and is actually a great place for new 4WDers to learn the ropes from those with many years of experience. The only thing you need is a capable vehicle and a willingness to learn!

How many trips do you run a year?

While there's no set number of trips, we typically have an average of 2 per month. Some months are busier, while others less so. But there's always something to look forward to!

Is there a cost to attend trips?

No, the club does not charge members for attending trips. However, depending on where we are going, there will likely be other costs involved, such as camping fees, park fees, etc. These are at members' own cost.




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