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Brisbane 4WD Club prides itself in the range of training available to members to ensure everyone has the basic skills to undertake a trip safely.

Your vehicle will be inspected to ensure it has all the necessary tools, recovery points and equipment and when successful, you will be given a “inspected” sticker to place on your windscreen. The list is provided as part of your membership pack.

All members are required to attend an induction which covers a combination of theory and practical.

  • On the theory side, members learn about
  • the club operation and etiquette,
  • how to run a trip (trip leader, convoy rules)
  • 4wd operation – understanding your vehicles footprint, importance of tyre pressures and so much more

For the practical, our members experience real life situations including

  • Snatching vehicles safely, both being snatched out and snatching a vehicle
  • Reverse hill starts
  • Traversing different terrains

And then after all the learning, we go out on the tracks to put in place the skills learnt.

Our induction weekends are not just limited to new 4wd owners, but well attended by all our members and many use the weekend to hone their skills, especially when they have enhanced or upgraded their vehicle.

Other training days can be run as trips and/or events such as Ladies Drive Day allowing the girls to have a go without their husbands or partners, certified 4wd driving courses and more. Members are encouraged to share ideas on training with the Training co-ordinator.