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Trip Classifications



New club members: After joining the club, you are required to complete our Club Induction (C.I.) before attending any trips rated higher than “EASY”.


Driver Experience: Conditions on some trips rated MEDIUM or above may prove too difficult for inexperienced drivers even after the Club Induction. You should advise the Trip Leader of your driving experience and vehicle equipment prior to signing up on the trip.


Trip Ratings: Trip Leaders—it is up to you to correctly rate your trips.

Make allowances for effects of weather on your trip and how it can affect the novice 4wders.


*NOTE* some 4wds do not have the required recovery points, please contact the Club Induction Assistant if unsure.

 Trip Guide Lines 

Brisbane Four Wheel Drive Club trips are categorised as follows.


Scenic: Bitumen, gravel surface, no 4x4 driving, lookouts, vantage points of the local area and other points of interest.


Easy: Off road formed tracks, some 4x4 driving. no steep inclines, no deep creek crossings. (No C.I. required)


Medium: Off road, bush terrain, medium grade inclines and side slopes, easy to interesting creek crossings. (C.I. required)


Hard: Off road, rough terrain, steep inclines, steep side slopes, rough creek crossings, possible towing. (C.I. required)


Extreme: Off road, rough terrain, very steep inclines, steep side slopes, difficult creek crossings, possible winching and probable towing. (C.I. required)


Trips are rated by the Trip Leader at the time of reconnaissance. However, track conditions can change dramatically between reconnaissance and the trip date. These changes can alter the rating of a trip without the knowledge of the Trip Leader.